Rs.11,500 PKR

PEN QURAN (AK-777) Jadeed✅ Innovative Digital Quran Pen✅ 70 Reciters...

PEN QURAN (AK-777) Jadeed

✅ Innovative Digital Quran Pen
✅ 70 Reciters in 12 Languages
✅ Word-by-Word Tajweed Recitation
✅ Quran Translation
✅ Quran Encyclopedia
✅ Comprehensive Tafseer
✅ Noorani Qaida and Quade for Kids
✅ 8-Hour Battery Life
✅ 32GB of internal memory
✅ 5-Year Warranty

The PEN QURAN (AK-777) JADEED is a revolutionary technological solution designed to facilitate Quran learning and memorization for all. With a simple touch of the pen on any verse or page, the digital Quran's sacred text is recited aloud with clarity.

This digital pen Quran turns traditional Quran learning into an engaging experience, especially for children eager for novel approaches to education. It is user-friendly for both kids and adults and offers the most competitive digital Quran price in Pakistan. The Pen Quran (AK-777) boasts a 16-line display, 70 reciters in 12 languages, and cutting-edge features such as Quran translation, Tafseer, and word-by-word Tajweed recitation. With a remarkable 8-hour battery life and a built-in 32GB memory, it ensures offline accessibility from anywhere.