Rs.2,850 PKR

Islamic Mart's Ahram are specially made in lighter weight keeping in...

  • Islamic Mart's Ahram are specially made in lighter weight keeping in view the hot climate conditions during Hajj & Umrah season.
  • Islamic Mart's Ahram are made with top quality cotton ring spun carded yarn for maximum comfort and absorbency.
  • Islamic Mart's Ahram can be use after hundred washes,( the more washes, the more comfortable)where as other Ahram are dispose off after one wash.
  • Islamic Mart's Ahram are highly comfortable to wear and looks very gracefull because of the pile evenness.
  • These Ahram are very soft and durable and can be use for multiple purposes such as using them towel, as bed spread, as blanket during the pilgrimage period.
  • Due to superior yarn use in it, no itching and no perspring a pilgrim can devote his full attention in the prayer while performing this sacred duty of Hajj & Umrah.
  • Islamic Mart's Ahram are dyed according to international standard.
  • Composition: 100% Towel
  • Size: 45 x90 inches ( 115 cm x 229 cm )
  • High Quality
  • Light weight, Soft and Comfortable
  • Highly absorbant
  • No Smell, Quick Dry
  • Manufacture according to Makkah hot weather
  • Our Hygienic Ahram will help protect you from transmission of bacteria and virus