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Hajj/Umrah Gift Packages Celebrate the sacred journey of Hajj and...

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Hajj/Umrah Gift Packages

Celebrate the sacred journey of Hajj and Umrah with our thoughtfully curated gift packages designed to enrich the spiritual experience. Inspired by the Prophetic tradition of exchanging gifts, our packages are crafted to foster goodwill and deepen connections.

Package 1: Hajj/Umrah Essentials

- Velvet Prayer Mat: Luxuriously soft and comfortable for prayer sessions.
- Beads Tasbeeh: A beautiful string of beads for meditative recitations.
- Turkish Net Cap: Traditional headwear for a classic look.
- Miswak: Natural teeth-cleaning twig for oral hygiene.
- Saudi Mix Dates (100g): Nourishing dates sourced from Saudi Arabia.
- Zam Zam Water Bottle (100ml): Purified water from the holy city of Mecca.

This package is ideal for those embarking on Hajj or Umrah or as a thoughtful gift to mark this spiritual journey.

Package 2: Hajj/Umrah Essentials

- Velvet Prayer Mat: Exquisite mat for serene prayer moments.
- Beads Tasbeeh: Elegant tasbeeh for dhikr (remembrance of Allah).
- Turkish Net Cap: Lightweight cap for a modest appearance.
- Miswak: Organic tooth-cleaning twig for freshness.

Perfect for anyone preparing for Hajj or Umrah, this package includes essentials to enhance the spiritual experience.

Package 3: Hajj/Umrah Essentials

- Velvet Prayer Mat: Plush mat for comfort during prayers.
- Beads Tasbeeh: Traditional tasbeeh for mindful reflections.
- Miswak: Natural toothbrush for dental care.

An ideal gift choice for Hajj or Umrah pilgrims or anyone seeking spiritual enrichment.

Each package embodies the spirit of giving and serves as a reminder of the profound journey of Hajj and Umrah. Share these meaningful gifts to spread joy and goodwill among your loved ones.

“Exchange presents with one another. Presents remove ill-will from the hearts.” (Tirmidhi)

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