Travelling Prayer mat with Qibla Numa/ Pocket Janamaz

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Portable Travel Prayer Mat with Qibla Finder Make your travels...

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Portable Travel Prayer Mat with Qibla Finder

Make your travels convenient and meaningful with our innovative Travel Prayer Mat featuring a built-in Qibla compass. This compact prayer mat is designed for on-the-go use, ensuring you can pray anywhere with ease and reverence.

Key Features:
- Compact pouch with instructions for easy carrying
- Integrated compass for effortless Qibla direction
- 4 iron stabilization corners to prevent movement in windy conditions
- Water-resistant nylon material for protection against rain and water

Why Choose Our Travel Prayer Mat?
Our mat folds into a convenient pocket-style pouch, making it ideal for travelers. The Qibla compass simplifies the process of finding the direction of prayer, wherever you are.

Designed for Convenience and Durability:
Crafted from waterproof nylon and equipped with iron corners, this mat offers stability and protection from the elements.

Perfect for Any Occasion:
Whether you're a business traveler, student, or visitor, this travel prayer rug is a thoughtful and practical gift.

- Material: Nylon
- Unfolded Dimensions: 100cm x 60cm
- Available in various colors to suit your preference

Order Yours Today:
Experience the convenience and functionality of our Travel Prayer Mat. Order now from Islamic Mart and stay connected to your faith while on the move!