Travelling Prayer mat with Qibla Numa/ Pocket Janamaz

Rs.550 PKR

About this item: ✔ Small Pouch and Instructions ✔ Compass...


About this item:

  • ✔ Small Pouch and Instructions
  • ✔ Compass with Qibla finder : Easy to find Prayer Direction
  • ✔ 4 Stabilization Corners with Iron: to Avoid wind Blowing
  • ✔ Water Proof Nylon Material: to Avoid Rain and Water Penetration
  • ✔ Convenient Pocket Style: Anywhere you go, Anywhere you Pray

Travel praying mat is portable and small, you can put the praying rug in your pocket and your bag easily.
Travel praying mat with a compass, anywhere you go, anywhere you pray.
Travel praying mat have 4 stabilization corners with Iron, which can avoid wind blowing.
Travel praying mat is made of waterproof nylon material, which can avoid rain and water penetration.
Travel praying rug is perfect gift for businessmen, students or other visitors.

Travel Praying Rug Material:Nylon
Unfold Dimension:100cm * 60cm
Travel Praying Rug Quantity: 1Piece
Travel Praying Rug Color: Different colours